Fall is here, whether you like it not. Do you know what comes next? Yes you got it right, winter cold.  The things  you do in the fall which dictate how you feel in the Winter. There are certain habits which are important to keep your immunity strong, your circulation moving, and your energy high.

1. Protect Your Neck

What do you mean protect your neck!!?? Based on Chinese Medicine, pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen or in Chinese Terms, wind, cold, damp, heat, and dryness. These pathogens enter the body first from the back of the neck and through the skin. The skin is constantly opening and closing its pores to release heat in the form of sweat to maintain your perfect body temperature. The weather during fall fluctuates quickly, as the temperature rises and falls, your body has to compensate. Since the pores are opening and closing, it can easily let pathogens enter the body, and also may entrap them if it gets cold outside quickly and the body responds by letting less heat escape. Protect your neck or at least dress a bit warmer than you should.

Ever wonder why when you first get sick, you often feel achy and sore at the neck and shoulders?

2. Eat Soup

Soup is warming as it is usually cooked for an extended period of time using heat. Heat does help breakdown food, by breaking the cell wall of food items or making it easier for the body to do that. Either we cook our food, or our bodies cook our food, when they enter the extremely hot stomach. Since the weather is getting colder outside, we need more warmth in our bodies. Drinking soup is an easy way to get a lot of easily digestible nutrition, and warmth.

3. Prepare for Winter

Prepare for winter by cleaning out your home, putting all your summer items away in storage.  This will make your life have less stress as you will be prepared for when it starts to snow.   It is also a good time to clean out anything you don’t need in your life, either physical or emotional.

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4. Increase your intake of cooked food

During the summer months, when fruits and vegetables are growing, it is the right time to eat more raw foods. Once the Fall season begins, you want to decrease your intake of raw, and focus on increasing more cooked food. This is especially important for people who are constantly feeling cold inside, and if you are a heater inside your body, you can still eat raw food to help cool you down. It really depends on your signs and symptoms. You want to slowly increase cooked food as winter approaches. 100 years ago, before mass transportation, you would be relying on all cooked or preserved food while living in cooler norther climates.

5. Eat for the season

Eating for the Fall season is important. Please click here for information on the Fall Season.

As always, getting regular Acupuncture and consuming Chinese Herbs is an important step towards quickly regaining and maintaining health.