About Me

My deeper connection to the mind and body began around 1999 while i was in University.   My own health I felt was crumbling before me, probably due to the overburden of alcohol on my system.   I started to heavily research the body to figure out what was going on inside of me, I wasn’t getting answers from Traditional Doctors.   My research brought me to read about Chinese Medicine, and it made so much sense to me, and connected many dots.

I began to see a Naturopathic Doctor, and he worked on my nutrition, gave me acupuncture for the first time, and was my window into Traditional Chinese Medicine.

About 7 years later in 2006 later I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) full time.   I graduated in 2008 with my diploma of Acupuncture and spent another 2 years studying and practicing Herbal Medicine.




Start of Traditional Healing Centre

In 2008, I started Traditional Healing Centre at Yonge and Eglinton and I now practice closer to home in Aurora Ontario.

In 2012 I started a Western and Chinese Herb Dispensary to meet the needs of my patients, and also help out other practitioners and their patients gain access to customized herbal formulations fast and easy.   The dispensary website can be located at www.herbdispenser.com

Today I continue to treat patients in Aurora Ontario, with a focus on Woman’s Health and Digestive Issues, among other general health issues.

My Education

I have spent over 3500 hours in formal education specifically in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Before picking your practitioner, ensure they have adequate training.   I learned at 2 different schools; Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Institute of Traditional Medicine.

I Enjoy Treating….” subtitle=”period issues, digestive issues, helping woman get and stay pregnant, reducing stress, sinus issues.I am very focused in my treatment plan.  Your plan is focused towards you personally. I dedicate myself to Traditional Chinese Medicine, my practice and the healing of my patients.

I am determined to be better everyday, to always do my best, and to use the medicine the way it was intended.

We’re all working together. That’s the secret.Sam Walton