Acupuncture to get period back

Acupuncture to get your Period Back

Acupuncture is effective to get your period back on track, and regulate your menstrual cycle.    Every aspect of your menstrual cycle will be used to figure out why your period stopped, is delayed & irregular.

There are many reasons why your period may have stopped.   Determining factors that will help with your treamtent include the following.   Have this information available during your initial diagnosis.     If you do not know all this information it does not matter, so do not stress about it.  🙂

1.   When was your last period?

2.   Does your period start and stop?

3.   If you have a record of your menstrual cycle for the last 6-12 months or longer

4.   Do you experience PMS symptoms, and which ones?

5.   Do you have a western medical diagnosis (PCOS, Fibroids, Cysts)

6.   Are you ovulating?

7.   Quality of your last period, including volume of blood, color of blood, symptoms during menses.

We will ask you further questions during your initial consultation to gather all the details. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Delayed or Absent Periods

Internal Chinese Herbal Medicine is a complimentary treatment option to be used with Acupuncture to get your period back.   The two modalities work well together to help speed up the process.   Formulas consist of between 5 and 20 herbs in varying combinations to help regulate the menstrual cycle.    We use easy to consume tinctures and granules at Traditional Healing Centre


Acupuncture to get your Period Back

Acupuncture is effective to get your period back especially when combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine.  There are many acupuncture points which affect the menstrual cycle by regulating it.   If you have painful periods, cramping, clotting, PMS symptoms or any issue with your cycle, you can use acupuncture to regulate it.   Missing periods is a serious concern, because internally there are problems which need to be addressed.   Getting a diagnosis and determining the root cause of the stopped periods is critical to your success.   


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