Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

If you are interested in Chinese Herbal Medicine, we use it at Traditional Healing Centre.

Herbal Medicine involves using Chinese Herbs internally and externally for health related problems.   Most of the time, herbs are consumed internally in different forms.   

Raw Chinese Herbs

This involves taking the unprocessed raw herbs and boiling them for a specific period of time in water.   You then strain and seperate the herbs from the liquid and drink it like a tea.    This process is the most time consuming because you need to spend about 30-45 minutes boiling herbs. 


Granule Chinese Herbal Medicine

Granules are made from Raw Herbs, but they are pre-cooked for the patient.   It undergoes a process that boils the herbs, and then the remaining liquid is processed to remove the water.   When it comes time to using the granule, the patient will add water to the granules to re-hydrate them and drink the liquid as a tea.   Some patients do not like the taste of Chinese Herbs, and the granules can be put into capsules to be swallowed.   Granules are an effective means to consume chinese herbs and are less used externally.   The advantage is you do not have to boil any herbs, they are easy to travel with, and they easy to take.  
chinese herbal medicine in capsules



A Tincture is created by mixing the Raw Chinese Herbs in alcohol or other type of menstrum for a minimum of 2 weeks.   The mixture is shaken daily.   The active ingredients from the raw herbs are seeped into the liquid and at the end of the process, the liquid is seperated from the herbs.    Tinctures are mixed together to make a herbal medicine formula, which is consumed in small quantities in the mouth.   
chinese herbal medicine tinctures

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