Spring – Liver – Gallbladder – Wood

The Spring Season pertains to the Liver and Gallbladder and is of the Wood Element.

Here are some tips to follow during the spring. This is a general list, and you may require a different set of rules depending on how your body is presenting.

1. Rise Early with the Sun

2. Take more brisk walks

3. Your appetite will likely decrease as it tries to cleanse itself form food, toxins, emotions, desires.

4. The Wind Element dominates, which means you can easily get sick. Your skin pores easily open wide due to the warmer temperatures, which allows pathogens to enter. Such signs as cough, stuffy and runny nose, headaches, dizziness and sneezing.

5. Eat Less Foods and go on a fast

6. Eat less fats, which are more required in Winter to keep you warm

7. Limit Salty foods, heavy salty meats, miso which sends energy downwards. This is a time for energy to go up and outwards, like the trees blooming.

8. Cooking methods for this time of the year include steaming, using water, and less cooking.

9. Acupuncture can help you with the change of the season

10. Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you detox and clear any toxins from the body.

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