Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder Toronto

Frozen shoulder is debilitating, and can effect your life negatively by inhibiting your range of motion.   Simple everyday tasks become really difficult because if you move the wrong way or carry something too heavy, the pain will start.   I hear this all the time, along with patients who have tried many other therapies with little to no success.

If you have frozen shoulder, or any type of shoulder pain, then you know how important your shoulder is to your everyday life.  This is why you must treat the pain, and do it aggressively.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective to reduce pain, increase circulation, which helps nourish the muscles and supply adequate blood to tissues.

There is no magical cure, it does take some time with chronic cases, but improvement is experienced along the way. With most shoulder pain, I can generally illicit the shoulder muscles to relax to reduce pain and increase range of motion in less than five minutes.  (90% of the time)

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