Acupuncture for Period Pain

You are probably reaching this post because you experience period pain and cramping with your menstrual cycle or you have been diagnosed with dysmenorrhea. If you are unlucky, the period pain and cramps you may be experiencing is lasting for the greater part of the month and has really affected your life. There are actually a myriad of reasons why you may be experiencing dysmenorrhea each month, and the bottom line is your cycle is not regulated and the proper bodily functions and processes which are supposed to happen are not going smoothly.   Many people use Acupuncture for Period Pain. 

What you may have done...

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Period Pain Acupuncture Treatments to help Dysmenorrhea

Pop a pill? It is so easy! 

But it does not solve your problem? 

If you stop taking it, the problem comes back! 

Why mask your menstrual cramps by taking some type of pain killer



Acupuncture for Period Pain

Acupuncture and Herbal medicine for period cramping is individual specific. Each formula prescribed or acupuncture treatment received is based on your signs and symptoms. The herbal medicine formulation used may be based on a common set of herbs which are mixed together, but generally the base formula is modified for each individual and the acupuncture points selected are for you specifically.

Combining Acupuncture Treatments

When you combine acupuncture and Chinese Herbs together for dysmenorrhea, the effect may be increased. A qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner will assess you case history and determine what is exact treamtent plan. There is no time for skipping steps or taking a band-aid approach to your health. It is important to see someone who is knowledgeable & whom has not taken quick weekend courses.

It can Cause Infertility….

Seeing many women at Traditional Healing Centre, we see period pain a lot.   The specific about your issues informs the practitioner about the reason period pain is occuring.  If you are trying to conceive and you are experiencing any type of period pain or cramping this is probably a determining factor in your difficulty. You need to focus on this aspect of treatment to relive the pain, whatever the underlying condition may be. The point of treatment is to make sure your entire cycle is smooth so you can get rid of your dysmenorrhea.

I could write all day long on specific reasons why you are experiencing Period Pain, but it probably won’t mean much to you. For woman in general, it all boils down to blood issues, whether it’s the movement of blood, or the quality of your blood. When I say quality, I mean, you may be missing certain elements in the blood such as Iron, or there are physical blockages which does not allow blood to move properly, therefore, those elements can’t reach all the cells efficiently.

Time for a different approach?

So what can you do? In reality, I wouldn’t do anything until you speak with someone knowledgeable about your specific case. You can consult with Dr. Google, and I’m sure you will find many supplements and regimens which may help, but if you are not getting to the root cause of the problem, you are only masking the issue.

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