If you are struggling with getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or even if your menstrual cycles are out of line, you can benefit from Traditional Chinese Herbs.  If you have not tried Traditional Chinese Herbs for fertility, you may be missing the important ingredient to regulate your cycle. Even men can use chinese herbs for fertility if there are problems with sperm or getting and maintaining an erection.

The key to women’s’ health lies in the menstrual cycle.   I haven’t met one fertility patient who had a normal cycle.   But if you ask most women what is normal, they usually have no idea.   Let’s talk about abnormal first.

What can go wrong with the cycle:

  1.  Irregular Cycle
    If your cycle is irregular, it will be 30 days, then 25 days, then 20 days, then 30 days.    If your cycle is jumping all over the place, it is an issue!   If its 28 days, then 30 days, then 29 days, then that is ok.
  2.  PMS symptoms
    Ok listen up, if you are getting too emotional, breaking out, have breast tenderness, cramping, pre-bleeding or spotting, these are all issues.    You must fix these issues to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.
  3. Menstrual Duration
    If you are bleeding a short time or too long, this is cause for concern
  4. Blood Flow & Quantity
    The colour, flow, is it starting and stopping etc, if this is happening, its a concern.  If you are bleeding too much, you end up losing too much blood and this can weaken the body.
  5. Pain
    If you are having a lot of cramping and pain, we can get rid of that.   Cramping means things aren’t going properly.   We usually see the presence of clotting with cramping, but not in all circumstances.   Do you have pain and clots?   If yes, you need to get rid of that.

What’s Normal?

There is no normal.   It can differ from person to person.    If you menstruate for 3 days everytime, and it’s a smooth flow, and no symptoms, this is normal.   Another woman may menstruate for 5 days, and that would be normal for her. But generally speaking, no pms symptoms, bleed for 3-5 days, smooth flow, no clots, fresh red colour, no spotting or brown blood and the entire cycle is close to the same numbers of days apart.

Chinese Herbs for Fertility

When dealing with hormones and your reproductive cycle, we are usually dealing with an internal problem.   Although Acupuncture can be beneficial, things move a lot faster when you consume herbal medicine along with acupuncture. If you had to pick one, in most cases, it would be herbal medicine.         You can see results within about 4 weeks of taking herbs, but it really requires about 3 to 6 cycles, and potentially more if the problems are severe.

Chinese Herbs are Easy to Take


We only give patients herbs which are easy to take.  You won’t have to boil any raw herbs and smell up your house.

Granules  –  Just mix with water, easy to travel with
Tinctures –  Just take a small amount ( approx 5 ml) under your tongue.

If you do not have a regulated menstrual cycle, please call me  at 647-346-2780 and we can get to the bottom of the issue.

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