Do you ever ask yourself the question, why do I get seasonal allergies and other people do not?   We are all living in the same atmosphere, breathing in the same air!    It is very simple, some people have stronger bodies, which can keep those nasty allergens out!    But if you are experiencing itchy and water eyes, runny nose, phlegm, mucous, sore throat, low energy, then your body is not keeping the allergens completely out.

According to Chinese Medicine, these allergens, or pathogens, enter the body through the nose, mouth and skin.   When they are able to get inside, the body will naturally create phlegm or dampness to block these pathogens from entering further into the body.   Although the symptoms you experience are not fun, they are actually protecting you from getting really sick.

During the fall season ( and spring)  we experience high levels of outside temperature fluctuations.   The weather is changing from one season to the next, which means your body needs to adapt to these changes.   The weather patterns are testing your body and its ability to adapt.   When the weather temperature goes up and down, your body must regulate your own bodies temperature.  It mainly does this by sweating, and therefore the opening and closing of the skin’s pores are affected.  If it gets very cold, the pores close, and if it gets very hot, the pores open to release heat.     If the pores remain open, pathogens like dust, dander, pollen etc, can easily enter the body, and cause allergic reactions.

Utilizing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can regulate the opening and closing of the pores by increasing immunity.    We do this using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, which for centuries have shown to combat allergy symptoms and stop them from reoccurring.

So what is the next step?   You have to take action.  You actually need to get upset about your allergies, and this will prompt you to take the next steps.   It all starts with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis to identify your exact issue.   Then about 4-6 weeks of herbal medicine will help build immunity, remove phlegm and dampness from your system, and let you breath properly.    Remember, Fall and Spring are beautiful seasons to enjoy outside, so don’t let those nasty allergy symptoms get in the way.


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