You do not really appreciate your knees, until something goes wrong and they are painful.  Going up and down the stairs becomes a problems, you can’t play all the fun sports you used to play, and keeping up with your kids if you have them becomes a lot harder and frustrating.    It is time that you change that, and I can help you get rid of your knee pain once and for all! I have been treating knee pain successfully for many years.

What do I do to treat knee Pain?
Acupuncture is the first thing that my patients receive for knee pain.  I also use cupping to treat knee pain if necessary. Cupping involves places glass cups on the affected area. For a demonstration of cupping, you can see my video. The same concept is applied to the knee. I also use other forms of massage such as tuina to help move the energy. A treatment plan is devised based on the nature of the pain.  The most important thing is that it works!

How long does treatment take?
Treatment length depends on the reason there is knee pain and how acute or chronic the condition is. Generally, the more acute or recent, the less treatments are required. Treatments are spaced out at two to three treatments per week for the first two to three weeks and then a re-assessment.

Reasons for Knee Pain
There are many reasons why someone may have knee pain. Osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, an injury or trauma/accident, car accident, sleeping injury, edema, inflammation etc. All of these issues can be helped with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

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