Rosacea Natural Treatment

Rosacea Natural Treatment Information Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition involving the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It may worsen by emotional situations, gastrointestinal or hormonal dysfunction, alcohol, strong teas, overindulgence in spicy or excessively hot or cold foods and exposure to sun or heat.     If you are visiting this page, you probably […]

Nausea Acupuncture

Nausea Acupuncture Are you feeling nauseous?  Do you feel sick and you need to vomit?  It really isn’t a great feeling, and it is a warning sign of other health concerns which you need to fix immediately.   There are many causes of nausea including gastrointestinal issues, severe pain, bowel obstructions, food poisoning, bacteria and […]

Stress Chinese Medicine – How Chinese Medicine Views Stress

  Life is full of stress and today’s world economy has put everyone in a stressful atmosphere.   Even if you have not lost your job, plummeting sales, increasing cost of living, angry bosses, rude people, crowds, disobedient kids and most importantly other stressed out people, can make anyone start to experience the symptoms of stress. […]

Cosmetic Acupuncture Toronto

Cosmetic Acupuncture This system of acupuncture not only aims to boost energy levels and health, but can also improve the following: • Decreased Puffiness• Improvement in facial muscle elasticity• Reduction of Dark Circles Under Eyes• Levelling of wrinkles• Reduction of sagging jowls• Reduction in puffiness• Skin becomes more delicate and fair• Increased collagen production• Fading […]

Acne Herbal Treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acne is one of the most prevalent Skin Conditions, and it affects people of all ages.   Usually starting around puberty, this skin condition can be very embarrassing, and can extend to effect other areas of your life. Adult Acne is very common, and although most people experience Acne as an adolescent, it can have damaging […]